Wednesday, August 24, 2011


this really makes you stop, think and be so very grateful for every single thing in your life....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Year Ago Today...

I sat in the Doctors office so young and naive about what was coming next. One year ago today my world and the world of my loved ones was rocked. One year ago today I was diagnosed with cancer.

I cant even believe it already been a year. I feel so blessed to be where I am today. Healthy and so happy! That day and the days following were very dark and scary for me. Its amazing how a few words can change your life.  This year has taught me so much about life, people & most importantly my faith.

I decided to put a list together of the things Ive learned in the past year that I wouldn't have otherwise learned if I wasnt diagnosed with cancer:

* Put your fears in the hands of the Lord. He WILL take care of you.

* My husband is the strongest person I know. How do you even get through a day knowing the one you love the most has such a scary disease. I couldn't even imagine.

*Prayer helps more than I can even begin to express. I spent many nights in my closet (my favorite praying spot) crying out to the Lord for peace and comfort in my journey. I felt so much better after.

* Family is there for you no matter what.

* People don't know how to act around you at first. I felt like screaming its still me. I'm still the same girl. You realize who really cares about you and who just backs away.

* Don't search the internet for information or statistic about your diagnosis.

* I'm not and will not be a statistic.

* Don't ever think things cant get worse because they can. Feel blessed every minute of everyday. Someone is always going through way more than you are.

* Don't ever "think why me?" Instead think "why not me?"

* Do what you want to do. Who cares what others think. Don't let negative people bring you down.

* When it comes to health care you (or in my case my husband) are your biggest advocate. Nathan called and bugged nurses, doctors, case managers or anyone else that mattered in my care if something wasn't being done quick enough. I'm so thankful for him.

There is so much more but these are the things that come to my mind first. As more come to mind I'll jot them down and post them in another post.

The cancer diagnoses brought a year of many doctors appointments and tests but its also brought me so many positive things. Im thankful and blessed that the Lord chose me for this journey. It hasn't been easy but its been so worth it. My faith and love for the Lord and my husband have grown more than I could have ever imagined.

Thank you for still reading my blog and praying for me a whole year later. I cant even begin to express my appreciation for it. Its the reason Im healthy today! The Lord heard all of our prayers :) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!