Thursday, February 24, 2011

2 weeks....

until I find out if the cancer is gone or not. Talk about being super anxious!!! I don't even know what to think. Since my journey started almost 9 months ago I've never known what to think. I have put all my concerns, care and trust in the Lord and have let him guide me through.  Somedays I think and feel this journey has been going on forever, other days it seems like just yesterday and somedays it feels like a complete dream.  I've learned so many different things but the biggest is just putting my complete trust in the Lord. Giving it all to him because he's the only one who knows the plan for my life, the reason I had the ectopic pregnancy and just one month later diagnosed with cancer. He knows why...I don't, Nathan doesnt, but HE does. He's working in me everyday. So as I wait these two weeks...I will continue to pray and he will continue take care of me :)

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