Thursday, July 7, 2011


Wow! Its been a really long time. Ive been really unsure on which direction to head with this blog. We started it when I was first diagnosed with cancer and it was so nice to just keep it updated with what was going on so everyone didn't have to call us to find out the latest info but now that I'm cancer free (still praising the Lord) I haven't had much to write about.

Life is great. My husband is doing amazing. We celebrated our 5 year anniversary in May with a trip to Alaska. It was beautiful and definitely much needed after our crazy past months. My family is also doing great. We just spent the holiday weekend together at a cabin up in the local mountains. I have so much to be thankful for. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I cant believe this life is mine. It hasn't always been the easiest...but really who's is? Ive had my share of surgeries, hospital stays & cancer but I feel so very blessed and content knowing God is in control. 

Cancer is a funny thing. Even though it is gone it still isn't far from my mind. Of course I still get scared thinking of the "what ifs" but I really try to not think about it and just enjoy each day I'm given. Ive never been so scared in my life as I was going through the initial testing and waiting after I was first diagnosed. It still seems like yesterday and I still remember those feelings all too well especially when I'm back at the Doctors office for a check up. Its like a flood gate opens and all those emotions come right back out.  I had an appointment with my oncologist a couple Fridays ago and it was just a routine check up for him to look at my wrist.  I  didn't have any testing done. He just wanted to make sure the area is still doing & looking good after a few more months of the effects of radiation setting in and to make sure he doesn't feel any lumps. I check my wrist daily and to me it feels clear so I wasn't expecting anything drastic. But Oncology appointments are never fun & still hard for me no matter how uneventful it may seem! Its a reality check that Yes, I had cancer and still need to go through testing and Dr appts to make sure it stays away when in my day to day life I try to push that as far back in my mind as I can.  The Lord has given me great peace about the journey I am on and I'm so very thankful for that. 

The appointment with the oncologist went really good. My mom went with me since Nathan had to work. The Dr. really wants to try to cut back on the testing I receive because I'm so young. For example I have a CT scan of my chest in September but he took away the contrast (iodine) part of it. He just wants a CT. Its quicker which means I'll receive less radiation and if the results come back good from that I'll just have X-Rays of my chest instead of CT  scans because with X-Rays you receive the least amount of radiation out of any of the tests. I'll have an MRI of my wrist in March.  He's following the guidelines set out for testing on sarcomas and I'm really comfortable with it. He's really a nice doctor.

So that's what has been going on over here lately. I do want to update this more often with things I find inspirational or just my thoughts. I really like writing and I know this is a perfect outlet for that :)

Thank you for still praying. I really appreciate it!

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