Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Test Day

Today Vanessa had the imaging done that she needed to see if the cancer spread from original site of the tumor. She was a little nervous about the PET Scan because she had to be inside a fairly small tube for over an hour and she is really claustrophobic. Not to worry though because I am a nurse who loves to play doctor and I scrounged up a few things for her to take and I gave them to her before the test. Guess what! She made it through. I think she even slept/passed out for a while. At any rate the tests are done and now we have to wait up to forty-eight hours for the results. There is a remote possibility that the oncologist tomorrow will feel comfortable enough to review the images and give us results, but I wouldn't say it is very likely. The more likely story is that we will have to wait until the radiologist reads the films and gives his final report.
before going in for the test...a little nervous
Tonight to pass the time we surrounded ourselves with family, as we have everyday since she was diagnosed, and we enjoyed some of her mom's best cooking. Sonia and I have been trying to ensure Vanessa fattens up before the treatments begin since so many people lose weight during chemo due to lack of appetite and energy, as well as nausea. I think Vanessa has been force fed more in the last week than she had eaten in the last month!

Tomorrow we go to see a chemotherapy oncologist in Santa Monica. He will probably be letting us know when we will start chemo and what type. He should also be able to outline the treatment plan for us as far as how many days a week she will have chemo and how many of the days she will be there for chemo as apposed to here at home with a portable chemo pump. One of us will post again tomorrow night after we meet with him and have absorbed the plan.

Thank you all again for all of your concerns, comments and prayers! It is all the comments and show of support that Vanessa is receiving that has helped to keep her strong while facing this scary battle ahead of her! For that I do sincerely thank you all!


One of my favorite pictures of her! Show's every thing she is... Beautiful, light hearted, and so much more!

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  1. I'm sending both you & Vanessa BIG hugs...praying daily & hoping for good results. Love yall!

    Brandi Lynn