Monday, August 30, 2010

Thank You!!!

Its Vanessa and this is the first time I've written on this blog. My wonderful hubby has been doing all the other posts. Those others are a bit harder on me and I couldn't bring myself to write them.

I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for all the prayers, love and support  I have been receiving from family, friends and people I don't even know. I know the power of prayer is amazing and I feel beyond blessed to have so many prayers of healing, strength and peace being said for me. These next few weeks are going to difficult adjusting to my new life and treatments. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared but I know God has a plan for me and my life. I know he put this cancer in my life for a reason. I also know I may never know the reason but he is a loving God and I know only positive things will come from this. I will continue to praise him through the storm. 

This blog was created to update everyone with whats going on with the cancer but I also wanted it to more then just medical terms, procedures, treatments because this cancer is so much more than that. Its about me, my husband, my family and faith. I know I may be the one with cancer in my body but it hurts the people who love me just as much. Since we found out about a week ago its been the scariest most emotional week of our lives. In the short time that Ive known its change my whole perspective on life and how truly valuable and precious it is.  Now when I hear people (mostly on facebook) complain about how horrible their day is because their coffee wasn't hot enough this morning or Starbucks ran out of their favorite muffin I think WOW if they only knew. I thank God for giving me this to really know the value of life and what joy and happiness one day could bring. And even though I maybe going through a rough time in my life I know it can get worse or be worse. Im content with what I have and what Im going through because I know I was special enough for God to plan my life. Even before I was born....he had a plan :)

A couple weeks ago Nathan and I planned a trip to Vegas to see his friends who were visiting from Arkansas.  We booked a suite at the Wynn and were so excited to go. Then we got the news the Monday before we were supposed to leave for the weekend. I still wanted to go and have fun but we changed our plans a bit because I wanted & needed to be around my family so just the 6 of us headed out to Vegas. Nathan and I have been to Vegas three times this summer and this was the first time we have ever booked a suite and now we realized it was a total God thing. We had plenty of room for everyone, the view was amazing and peaceful. It was great to just have one fun last weekend before more tests and treatment start. So heres some pictures of our trip:
.My Rock. My Love.My Life.

My Support System

I am having a ct scan done of my chest, abdomen, and pelvis as well as a full body PET scan on Tuesday to see if the cancer has spread. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray that the cancer has not spread and has just stayed in my wrist area. I'll be getting the mediport sometime soon also so that the chemo can began. We'll keep you updated...again thanks so much for your prayers.

If you have asked others to pray for me I really appreciate it. Please feel free to pass on this web address to anyone who may be praying for me and wanting updates. Thanks again.


Thank you for the phone calls, emails, texts, facebook messages, comments on this blog. I have read each one and they brighten my day so much! I want to get back to everyone but as you can imagine this past week has been a blur. Hopefully soon :)


  1. So glad you could go have some fun in Vegas with the crew! You look beautiful!! Good luck with the tests tomorrow, we'll be praying extra hard. love you <3

  2. I love you so much Ness, God will heal you, I know that for sure !

    Your Mom and I are here till the end, We will win this FIGHT !

    God bless you, And may he fill you with his healing power and love.

    Love Dad !

  3. Vanessa & Nathan:

    I want you to know that I love you as if you were my own. I have many people praying especially Grandma, she has been asking daily what I am finding out. As she said....Nathan has a special place in my heart and so does his sweet wife.

    I will be lifting you up in prayer tomorrow and you are so right, God does have a plan. Most of the time He takes by complete surprise, but later we can see the good. My life verse is the following: "We know that all things work together for the good of those that love God; those who are called according to His purpose." So I am claiming that over you right now and daily.

    So glad you had a great mini trip, plan on taking a longer one in the near future, (The kids have mentioned to be about going to LV next year, so I think we could meet up).



  4. Hi Vanessa,

    It's Gema. I use to work with your mom a while back.

    I just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers. You are a strong woman and you will win this battle! What you said in your post about complaining about certain things made me realize a lot of things. You will get through this. You have a wonderful family and God is watching over you.

    I have been following your story and know that I will continue to pray for you!!!



  6. Vanessa -
    Your spirit and grace is incredible. I'm in awe of your attitude. Simple awesome! You are in my daily prayers. May God Bless you and keep you in his loving arms.
    Denise Hartmann (BASF)

  7. Its so wonderful to hear you so strong! You will beat this with that outlook and positivity! You two are such a beautiful couple inside and out and James and I are so blessed to have you two in our lives. You are truly an inspiration! Good luck today, I will keep you in my thoughts! We love you!

    James,Becca and Cole

  8. christal and barrettAugust 31, 2010 at 1:07 PM

    We are praying for you guys today, and so are many other Nashvillians! Vanessa, I am so inspired by you and so proud to call you my sister... love you, love you, love you!

  9. Vanessa... I am praying for you and have passed this one to my mom... thinking of you during this hard time! But your right it is all in Gods hands and he has a plan for each and everyone of us! Stay positive!! xoxo


  10. Its Emmy ,I work with your dad,My family's prayer will be always be with you and your family,be strong and have faith....

    Emmy& Cora De Leos