Tuesday, April 19, 2011


a point, timeor stage serving as the limit beyond which something is no longer effective, applicable, 
or possible.

and boy does it feel good to have the Vanessas Journey wristband cutoff. 

Saturday was the night we cutoff the wristbands. Amazing is how I felt. My family was gathered holding hands in a circle. My Dad & Mom said a prayer and then one by one my mom cutoff everyones wristbands. Tears were shed, hugs were exchanged and a weight was lifted off of us. Even though the cancer is gone cutting these off was so symbolic. We decided to cut them off instead of just taking them off because if they're cut they cant be put back on...and we never ever want to have to wear them again.   Just another part of this amazing journey.....Please continue to pray that this cancer stays gone. 

My family's cut wristbands...they all cutoff both of the wristbands
but my Mom and I have left our Livestrong wristbands on...
My love and I at my parents house
 Saturday Afternoon