Friday, April 1, 2011

checking in

Just wanted to say hi and to let everyone know we're doing great :) I did have a oncology appointment with a new oncologist last Thursday. He's in my provider/insurance group and since everything is great my insurance rather him follow me instead of the doctor at City of Hope. I know I've talked about different insurance issues on here with switching doctors and authorizations and I feel like it makes it seem our insurance is difficult or not good and that just isnt the case at all. We are extremely blessed to have awesome, amazing, wonderful health insurance. I dont take this for granted at all. I am so so so blessed for this. With having 4 surgeries, a 2 night hospital stay, countless tests, over 2 dozen doctors appointments and 37 radiation treatments in the last 9 months we'd be in medical debt forever if it wasn't for our insurance. Hubby works at a hospital and that is who we have our insurance through. I'm very thankful for them and the great coverage they provide for their employees.  Anyway, I saw that doctor and his role right now is basically to order the scans. Im hoping thats all his role will ever be.  So I already have the chest CT scan scheduled for September. I see him in 3 months (June) just so he can take a look at my wrist and then I see the Radiation Oncologist in July so he could also look at my wrist to check for any changes from the radiation. I guess it can take awhile for all the effects of radiation to show. But life is good and I feel so very blessed!
{Last weekend we attended a gala for Nathan work it was fun to dress up...Felt like Prom}
We're taking our travel trailer out camping this weekend. It should be a good time...its just the two of us...well and our dog, Jack. Have a blessed weekend!

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