Friday, November 19, 2010

4th Surgery in 4 Months....

I had my 4th surgery in the last four months yesterday and that was to have my medi-port taken out. The surgery was done by a cardiothoracic surgeon at St Jude. The surgery went fine and I wasnt even nauseous waking up from anesthesia....PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Im in some pain today but other then that I'm good! Im really praying this will be my last one for a long while :)

Here I am Pre-Surgery!

At radiation today I had my boost done which  means they took film to start to shorten my target area for radiation which makes me very happy because my palm is getting pretty red.  I have 3 more treatments that are the large area then they will just target my scar from where the tumor was removed.  I will do 12 more treatments like that which will make it a total of 37 treatments.  

Thank you for the continued prayers...Im feeling them :)

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