Friday, November 12, 2010

Prayer Quilt

The day I was diagnosed with cancer my mom wrote a prayer request in to our church.  Those first few days are still a blur to me but I remember our Pastor coming over to my parents and praying for us, praying for healing, peace and comfort.  Shortly after a small group from our church that makes prayer quilts contacted my mom and asked if they could make one for me. What a blessing.  They asked my favorite color and of course she said pink :) About a week or so later the quilt was out at church for people to pray for me over and tie a knot. I remember seeing it at church for the first time and balling my eyes out. It was hard to see a quilt for me but I was also so moved by the amount of people that would be praying for me. I received the quilt just a couple weeks later and it is now downstairs where I see it everyday and feel so blessed for every knot that was tied and for every prayer thats behind that knot.  

Each knot represents a prayer that was said for me :)

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