Monday, November 22, 2010

Radiation Burn

Well after 25 treatments its pretty clear I've got a burn from the radiation :(  It started a little over a week ago  and gets a little redder everyday. Today was my last treatment of the big range (which is basically what you see that is red), Tomorrow starts the smaller range or target area (which is whats outlined in sharpie). I'll do that for more 12 treatments then I'm done :) I didn't meet with the doctor today because he was in a conference but I'll meet with him tomorrow and talk to him about the redness. Its also starting to swell a little bit at the base of my hand so I'll talk to him about that also. Please pray that the swelling goes down..I can deal with the burn and the pain from that but the swelling is not good at all. Please pray its just from irritation and not fluid retention.  I get four days off from radiation because we are going camping at the'll be nice and it will give my arm a break...thanks for the prayers!!!!

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  1. You are in our prayers like always!!! Have a blast out at the river and give Travie loves for me!!! I know he is really looking forward to seeing you and your brothers!! We love you!!

    Courtney xoxo