Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All About My Radiation Treatments....

*** Thank you so much for the birthday emails, texts, phone calls and facebook comments! I felt so much love yesterday and I thank you , thank you , thank you for that. I had a great day! I'll post more about my birthday weekend later on this week :) ***

On Monday I completed my 16th of 38 radiation treatments. It is still going really well. Todays radiation was cancelled because the machine went down. It was ok with me because my arm is starting to turn a little pink so it was a nice break. Here is the the difference between my two arms...its kind of hard to tell where it is starting to turn pink in this picture but here it is:
Last Friday, Nathan and my Mom & Dad went with me to radiation.  The staff is so nice there and let them all come back as they were setting me up so they all can see what I do five days a week :) They even let my mom take pictures so we can show ya'll what it looks like...

First they check my marks and make sure none of the tapes need to be replaced..then they start to line my tattooed dots up. These molds are the ones that were made for me when I first started the set-up process.  
Replacing tape....
 Getting ready to do more placement..they are so precise!
This is how I lay during treatment. They are adjusting my hand/wrist/forearm. 
They tape my arm down to the table in 3 spots, raise me up and I get treatment from the bottom as well as from above...then Im done until the next day :)
 I do x-ray film on Monday and Thursdays so on those days they do everything the same they just take an x-ray before they give me treatment and have the dr check the film to make sure everything is lined up correctly then they give treatment.

I am thankful the whole process isn't too bad and pretty tolerable :)


  1. You are a Scorpio and you are strong and very determined! I’ve checked your scorpio horoscope .
    You can make it!

  2. How I am amazed at your strength, God really does come through, doesn't he?

    I love you and praying daily for your journey and for your family, especially my Nathan!!