Friday, December 3, 2010

Amazed Again at the Lords Grace

I got my Chest CT Scan results back today and they are great! The little nodule is still there but its gotten smaller and there are no new nodules or anything else. My lungs are clear :) My Radiation Oncologist said the little nodule could be scar tissue from something else.  We are so relieved!!!! Thank you for all the prayers and support. The good Lord is hearing us and answering them like I could never imagine. Praise Him!!!!!

So until my next scan in another 3 months (and we'll start praying those results are good too)....CHEERS!!!

32 treatments down...only 5 to go :)


  1. What fabulous news! I am so thrilled to hear. :) Yay for only 5 more treatments. Big hugs!

  2. That is the BEST!!! news to hear Vanessa.
    May you and Nathan have a wonderful Christmas together,we all have alot to be thanful for and to CELEBRATE!!!
    Jim & Marie