Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where do I go from here?

Now that my first PET/CT scan post radiation was good what's next?
I start physical therapy for my left wrist/hand tomorrow morning. When I had the surgery to have the tumor removed it was a complete reconstruction of my wrist.  Now that radiation is over Im able to go to therapy to gain full moment of my wrist and fingers. The physical therapy will also help to break up scar tissue that maybe forming due to the radiation especially since I was given the maximum amount.  I guess scar tissue likes to form on the tendons.  So tomorrow I'll know how many times a week and for how long I'll be doing the physical therapy.
As for future scans....
I am not scheduled to have my next scan for 6 months. Too much radiation to the body during the scans as well as the radioactive sugar can be harmful on the body it can even cause a cancer called lymphoma....No thank you! So since my last scan was good we're waiting 6 months and not the original plan of every 3 months like we had thought.
Medi-Port Scar
This is really frustrating for me. I have an inch long scar on my upper left chest where my mediport was placed. The scar now has a keloid over it which makes it look really gross and its painful and really itchy. I talked to my primary care doctor about it yesterday and he said to give it 6 more months to heal and if it still looks like that to come in and he'll give it cortisone shots and if that doesn't work he'll refer me to a plastic surgeon to get  it taken care of. Don't get me wrong Im so thankful I didn't have to have chemo after all, and Id take this scar for no reason over having chemo but it still is frustrating to have this scar especially with the keloid that will be so visible with tanks tops, bathing suits and even some regular shirts. I guess its part of my battle wounds! haha!

I think thats it for now but since a post with no pictures is super boring here is a picture of Nathan & I Saturday before the Ducks vs Kings at Staples Center (thats where the Kings play).  We wore our Ducks gear proud there and even beat them in Overtime :)