Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sad Realization....

I try to always be positive but this is something that truly bothers me and makes me sad.

For those of you that don't know my husband, Nathan, is a nurse. I am a very proud wife that my husband has such a selfless profession. Anyway because of this he has had many patients whose families have donated organs once they know there is no longer hope for a meaningful life or survival. This is something I feel very strongly about and the other day Nathan & I talked about it because he wanted to make sure there isn't a question or hesitation if we're ever faced with this decision. I told him I want my organs to be donated and then we both got quiet and I told him, "they probably don't want or will not be able to use my organs".  It made me very, very sad and something I hadn't even thought about until a few days ago. Stupid cancer!!!! I did some research about it today and depending on each cancer & case certain body parts (skin, eyes, etc)  can still be donated but organs aren't likely. I know that once my spirit goes to heaven there is nothing left but a body and I want it to help others in anyway it can.   

They said to still continue to check donor & let the Doctors make the decisions
So I will always be a donor and very proud of it :)

Sorry for the sad post but this is my journal of my journey and this is part of it, its what Im feeling and thinking...I'll be back again soon with something more uplifting :)