Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sarcoma Awareness something I want to be a part of but Im just not ready.  Im not ready to know the stats, to see other patients, to be a part of something I truly know nothing about.  Since I was diagnosed on August 23,  I have never once googled or looked up synovial sarcoma, sarcoma, cancer, chemotherapy, radiation or anything that has to do with my diagnosis. I didn't want to know stats, I didn't want to hear about someone else's story, I didn't want to hear how hard or not hard treatment was going to be. I wanted to take my journey as my own with out any "internet influence". The things I do know about my diagnosis and all the went/goes with it is from my doctors and thats it. The internet can be scary and I didn't want that. I wanted to be naive about the situation I was in and just hope and pray for the best and that is what I've done. Eventually I want to be part of a movement to raise awareness of Sarcomas because its ugly, scary and not fun.

One day I'll be ready.....

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