Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Dad... the best Dad in the world. He's amazing and even though I'm 27, I'm still a total Daddy's Girl and wouldn't have it any other way! With all we've been through the past 9 months he's been so strong and such a support and go to person for both Nathan & I! Always there to listen if we need to talk or give support and comforting words when we just want to listen. I love how close him and Nathan are! They are so similar and spend most of their time together joking and laughing. It makes my heart happy to see their relationship. My dad would do anything for us.  We're really blessed to call him dad....

This story is silly and really not that big of a deal but this is just an example of how awesome he is:
Today I was at my parents (mom picked me up so I had no car) and I ripped one of my contacts. So I had to take them both out...I didn't have extra contacts on me and didn't have my glasses either. Within minutes I was feeling pretty nauseous because I'm super blind and everything was blurry. We live about 15 minutes from my parents house and after my dad drove 2 hours each way to San Diego for work and had an extremely long day he still took me home real quick to get new contacts without any hesitation. It saved my night. Then we got back and he helped B (my brother) load up his dirt bike, picked up J (other brother) dogs doo-doo and he BBQ dinner for the family. So Nathan got to my parents home from work with a delicious hot dinner waiting.

He even found time to ride his new toy...and of course I had to take pictures :)

I Love you Daddy!

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  1. I love you guys both so so much, Thanks for the nice words !!

    Love your Daddy !!