Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rest in Peace Uncle Jonathan...

On Sunday we received a call nobody wants to get. My Uncle Jonathan had passed away.  Pure sadness filled our hearts. He was so young. So caring. Such an incredible fighter.  A great inspiration.  He fought kidney failure for 18 years. He had multiple kidney transplants and each one would only last for a year or so and then it was back to dialysis. Most people are lucky if they last 5 years on dialysis. It was a miracle and a total act of Gods grace that he lasted 18 years.  The Lord finally came calling for him Sunday as he walked to the mailbox to get his mail. His body had enough and now he is resting & healed in the Lords Kingdom :) We will miss him and I feel so very sorry for my Capa & Nana (his parents), his wife and his 2 sons. Please keep them in your prayers. This week has been pretty tough!
My Dad & his siblings...Jonathan is on the far right.
Rest in Peace....

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