Sunday, October 3, 2010

Face-Off Fest with the Anaheim Ducks

***For those of you that don't know me very well...Im a huge hockey fan and love the Anaheim Ducks. Nathan and I go to a lot of games every year. They are so much fun!!! So this event was so exciting for me.***
Last Thursday Nathan & I went to the Anaheim Ducks Face-Off Fest at the Honda Center. Its a season ticket holder event and while we're not season ticket holders one of my friends from high school is and he gave us his tickets to this event because him and his wife couldn't make it. I was super excited!!!
We went on the Locker Room tour which was super is my favorite players spot.
My brother and his best friends were there too! So we met up with them for awhile.
I got to meet and take a picture with my favorite player...I was so excited!!!!! He was really nice.
So happy with my autograph :)

It was such a fun night..we're thankful my friend gave us the tickets.

**There is no pictures of Nathan because he was the photographer and had the camera the whole time ;)

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