Monday, October 11, 2010

Radiation Set-Up

I had my appointment today for my radiation set-up. It was very tedious! I have to be in a certain position so we're sure they are radiating the target area. The position is very uncomfortable but luckily once radiation starts I'll only be in that position for a couple minutes each day :) There was two parts to today's appointment. I had a CT Scan done and molds made of my wrist, hand and arm so the postition is the same every time. They have to be so precise and so accurate. I never knew. We then took the molds over to MRI and I had that test done in the same position as the CT scan.  They'll fuse both the CT pictures and MRI pictures together to find the target area. I was there for 3 hours today but I know in the end all this will be worth it.

I also got my first tattoos today. They are 3 little dots. They also marked my arm & hand with a marker and put tape over that. It has to stay on for all 7 weeks of radiation. I hope its cold because I need to wear long sleeves..the markings are so ugly..haha!

Our weekend camping was a lot of fun. We just relaxed and enjoyed spending time with family. Nathan fished a lot even though he didn't have much luck :(  Here is my sweet hubby with a little catfish he caught.

I go back Friday for X-Rays and then hopefully I'll start next week. No word yet on when my chest CT scan will be done. Please continue to pray :) Thank you so much!

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