Thursday, October 7, 2010

Radiation Oncologist Appointment at St Jude

I had my Radiation Oncologist appointment today.  He went over all my records and we talked about the plan of action. Its the same course of action as the City of Hope doctors. 7.5 weeks of radiation. He said the tricky part now is finding the target area for the radiation. So I'm having a CT Scan done Monday at 3 and if that doesn't yield sufficient results he said we'll then do a MRI and fuse the pictures together so they are sure they are getting the target area without radiating too many other parts of my hand because of the long term side effects.  I'm ok with the side effects...its better than losing my arm completely.

I don't know if I shared this or not but when I had my PET/CT Scan they found a tiny tiny little something in one of my lungs. None of the doctors Ive seen have been concerned with it as it was not reactive to the sugar contrast. It could have been that I moved a tiny bit during the test or something else not alarming but  the two common places for synovial sarcomas to spread is lymph nodes and lungs so this doctor wants me to have another CT Scan done of my chest just to make sure that spot hasn't grown. We're not sure when that will be done but probably in the next 2 weeks.  Again its scary but we're relieved they're taking the extra precautions because if it is something it could be treated before it gets to be too big of a problem. Please continue to pray for complete healing in my body :) Thank you!

My Momma went to todays appointment with me because Nathan had to work...This woman has been so strong and so supportive! I love her to death!

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  1. I lit a candle for you this Saturday at the Church of Our Lady in Brugge, Belgium. In the church is the only Michaelangelo scuplture outside of Italy - The Madonna and Child. It was magnificant and the beauty of the entire place made me think of you. I don't believe one needs to be in a church to speak with God, but I could most certainly feel him listening as I lit a candle and prayed for you.
    God's blessing to you today and through out your journey.