Monday, October 18, 2010

Family Brings Normality Back...

Its seems like lately my weekdays have been filled with Doctors appointments and tests. Thats not the life Im used to. Im slowly starting to adjust but this isn't my "normal before cancer" life by any means.  Sometimes it feels like I'm living someone else's life. Its really weird and hard to explain. But anyway we spent the weekend with family and that makes my life feel "normal" again. Things are still as they were before my diagnosis besides the quick updates on where the treatment plan is.  Its normal. I laugh with my hubby, tease my aunts (right??!? ahahaha) , cook with my momma, have a drink with my dad, tell jokes with my brothers, and spend time with my grandparents and cousin.  Life is good. Im blessed. Im happy.

Aunt Jory, Me, Aunt Marla & Mom
We made tamales on Friday and enjoyed eating them on Saturday!
I got to spend a lot of time with this sweetie pie!
The boys in our family got a chance to visit and catch up

***I also got the chance to meet a couple friends of my dad. He knows them through work. Their names are Bart & Stacie and they have been praying and following my journey from the beginning often offering very encouraging words to me here on the blog. It was so nice to finally meet them in person and thank them for their prayers and support.***

Sunday morning we went to my cousin, CJ, cross country track meet
you cant see it in this picture......
But you can in this one...he ran with my bracelet around his ankle..such a sweet kid!
He did amazing also!
Sunday night we spent time with our neighbors and great friends, James, Rebecca and their baby Cole. Again it felt so nice to be normal again and hang out like old times. 

Im thankful for weekends like these that remind me of what great love and support I have around me in family and friends. And just because I have a yucky disease doesn't mean my life cant be back to normal.  Even though normal now is so much different because I view life so much different. Im thankful for all I've learned through God so far and for what I'll continue to learn.

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