Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beach Day...

I went to my primary care physician today to get my stitches taken out from my mediport. It was pretty painless and there really isn't any new news on the treatment side of things. Thursday at noon is the appointment with City of Hope so please say a little prayer for us around that time if you remember :) We'll know a lot more after that appointment hopefully.  

Its been almost 2 weeks since my surgery and any doctors appointments so it has kind of just been a waiting game.  I've been feeling great everyday and at times really struggle to believe I really have cancer. Its like I feel great.... don't tell me I have cancer.  I know this is the calm before the storm (chemo) but I'm so thankful and blessed to have these days.  Even before I found out about my cancer I never understood why people would say.."ugh I just wish Friday would hurry up and get here" or "gosh I just wish this day would be over". I always thought why? this day is your life...God has given you this day. Its a gift. We don't deserve it. You might not make it to that Friday that you long for so much or that day you wanted to be over so bad could be your last. Enjoy each day no matter what the circumstances are. I've learned life is so precious and can change so dramatically so quickly. So Im loving every minute of everyday spending it with the ones I love.  Today Nathan, Josh (my brother) and I went out to the beach for the day. It was truly           A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I love how soothing & comforting crashing waves and water can be.  The boys played football and did some bodysurfing. I didn't get in. I just laid up on the sand watched them play and prayed & talked to God.  I felt so much peace today.

.my rock.
Little brother, Josh
My hubby. I love this picture. 
So these were my views today. How could I not be at peace and 
in complete awe of God's beautiful creations. 
This was our view as we were leaving the beach around 5:30...
the sun was just starting to set.

Funny Story I have to share with ya'll... 
After the beach today Nathan and I ran a couple errands to Best Buy then Walmart.  When entering and exiting Best Buy the alarm sensor thing went off and I thought to myself weird those seem to be going off a lot around me lately but I really hadn't thought much about it. Then we walked into Walmart and the sensor went off again. I started to laugh and asked Nathan "What is the deal with those things" and Nathan said "You now have titanium in your chest (mediport)  so you're probably setting them off, I have a medical card in my wallet I was supposed to give to you in case you have hassles anywhere".  Its been almost two weeks and I had no idea about the card the surgeon had given Nathan and he'd forgotten about it too. And sure enough when we left Walmart the sensor went off again. Great this should be fun...I'm going to seem like the biggest shop-lifter of all time...hahaha! I guess that's the least of my worries at this point ;)

Thank you so much for the continued love, support and prayers. It means so much to me and It helps me through the rough and hard moments I have. 


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  1. Vanessa, Since the time you were very little you have always amazed me with your sweet spirt and strength. You are God's little angel and ours!

    Love you so much,