Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our God

When I was first diagnosed with cancer our good friend Eric shared this song with us. Nathan and I really liked it but since that day hadn't thought much more about it until this past Sunday. They sang it at church and the words really sank in. So true. This song has helped so much this week with such a scary time.

My appointment with the surgeon at City of Hope is tomorrow at 8am. We'll be finding out the results of the MRI and what our options are. I pray its in God's will to have good news. We'll update and let ya'll know after the appointment. I so so so appreciate all your prayers..the supports helps me more than ya'll will ever know.

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  1. Hi Vanessa,
    My name is Bart. I have known your dad for many years and resently met your mother while my girlfriend, Stacey and I met them for lunch. A couple weeks later I learned of your journey and shared it with Stacey and my daughter, Tianna. They were both touched. You have an amazing support system! I now your parents are very proud of you. I wish you the best and will keep and hold you in my prayers.