Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's a God Thing!

After a long discussion Vanessa and I have decided to share a little more with everyone who cares enough to read this blog. We initially intended to keep this private with only our immediate family knowing, but the story and plan God has for our lives is too incredible and amazing not to share.

Our hard times actually started over a month ago. On July 9th Vanessa and I found out she was pregnant with, what would have been, our first child. Less than a week later she woke up from a dead sleep with terrible pain in her stomach and we rushed her to the emergency room. Within an hour she was in surgery to stop the bleeding from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. There wasn't much time to talk before the emergency surgery, but one of the first things she said after the operation was "I guess it's time to get my wrist fixed." The main reason she hadn't gotten this lump removed is because she didn't want to miss an opportunity to get pregnant. We had been trying since we moved to California and had no luck. It has become so perfectly clear in the past few days that the pregnancy was all part of his master plan to get Vanessa the treatment she needed before the cancer had a chance to spread. We think about the consequences if Vanessa had remained pregnant. She could have been pregnant and forced to chose between saving herself with the chemo or saving the baby and allowing the cancer to spread untreated or she may have become a mother and never known that the "cyst" was actually a tumor spreading cancer throughout her body until it was too late. As you can imagine we were completely devastated that the pregnancy ended that way it did but God brought our little baby to us to save her life.  There have been numerous little coincidences here and there that have made us realize one thing and one thing only... IT'S A GOD THING! Nothing else could explain all the things that are happening right now. Everything was planned by God. His plans for our lives are greater than anything we could ever imagine. It has been a rough month or so but if he brings us to it we know he will bring us through it. Each of us involved with this will be changed in some way according to God's plan for us. The changes may be huge in some of us and slight in others, but there will be change.

Nathan & Vanessa
Just before her emergency surgery...she's always smiling.


  1. Amen. Thanks be to God.

  2. Vanessa and family... I met your mother about 3 yrs ago playing soccer. I just wanted to let you know that your an amzaing women and my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. I will continue to put my faith in our loving god to heal you.

  3. Even our friends have been praying for you! :) We love you and hope all goes well!

  4. Hey Vanessa,

    Long time no talk or see. Just read about what you're going through and just wanted you to know that I am praying for you and your family. Stay strong and God bless. I look forward to hearing you recover fully and as a medical student at USC, I can assure you they have amazing doctors there. You are in great hands. Take care!