Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MRI but No Results until Thursday....

I'm writing this post from my blackberry so it won't be very long! I had my MRI this morning and boy am I claustrophobic..haha! I better get used to it though since I'll be having scans done often! We won't know the results of the MRI until we meet with the surgeon on Thursday at 8am! So please keep the prayers coming :) I just wanted to give ya'll an update so you weren't curious about what all happened today! Now Nathan and I are on our way to the mall and dinner! Time out of the house and out and about is always fun :) Thank you for your continued prayers and support!


  1. We'll be praying every minute. Glad you got out of the house for some "retail therapy". Love you both so much.

  2. Hi Vanessa & Nate,

    I am a friend of Christal and Barrett. We (along with my husband Sean) actually stayed at your place back in April 2009. Anyhow, Christal sent me the link to your blog. I just wanted to let you both know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the positive thoughts!

    Stephanie :)
    Provebs 3:5-6