Friday, September 3, 2010

Home From Surgery

We arrived at USC Norris Tower this morning bright and early at 5:20am. We were Dr. Menendez first case and the admission process started as soon as we arrived. I was really impressed with how smooth the hospital operated this morning and it really helped to give Vanessa confidence and keep her calm. Shortly after the prep we met with surgeon and the procedure started as scheduled. She was done about thirty minutes later and we took her home. She had only a little bit of pain after surgery, but she will probably be more sore in the morning. We are staying at her parent's house tonight because I have to work tomorrow and her mom will take care of her tomorrow.

The outside of Norris Tower
Vanessa right before they took her back. Smiling as usual!

Next step is to meet with the chemo doctor at City of Hope. His name is Warren Chow and he is supposed to be amazing at what he does. Her primary doctor is trying hard to get the appointment moved to a sooner date because right now it isn't until September 16th because he is so busy. So for those of you who are praying for Vanessa please pray that the appointment date gets moved to a nearer date. I will post more soon if Vanessa isn't able to. Thanks for your comments and continued prayers.


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  1. Nathan - the caregiver needs support too - so please know that you are in my prayers as is Vanessa.
    Denise (BASF)