Friday, September 3, 2010

Surgery Today...

Its 12:20 am and we have to be up at 4 to be at USC University Hospital by 6 for the surgery to place my mediport. Please say a prayer all goes well and that my recovery wont be too bad :) Thank you all for your continued support, love and most of all prayers. Nathan will update ya'll as soon as we get home tomorrow. ...its outpatient so hopefully we'll be home early from it. 

Lots of Love,


  1. Hello Vanessa! I'm Samantha Pattison sister and she emailed me asking me to Pray for you and I'm a blogger and follow alot of blogs so she asked me to read your blog. And my heart has been touch by your strenght and faith in God's Plan in your life. Keep smiling as the Lord works in your life he does have a plan for all of us even if at time we don't understand it. THANK YOU so much for sharing your story!
    I will be Praying for you and your wonderful supportive husband everyday!!!

    Love and God Bless!!
    Connie Gonzales

  2. Have been praying hard for you all day! I hope you get home soon and can get some rest! Love you!!!! Love,Courtney