Thursday, September 30, 2010

Roller Coaster Continues....

So I went to have my ultrasound and biopsy done today at The City of Hope because like I said in my last post the MRI showed 3 or 4 nodules.  The two techs and radiologist looked around for half and hour with 2 different probes and they couldn't find anything so there was no biopsy done today after all. That seems like good news but Im still waiting to hear back from the radiation oncologist to find out where we go now. Hopefully I cant start radiation and be done with it...hopeful thinking...I know ;)... He is supposed to call sometime today or tomorrow. I'll let ya'll know. Once again I find myself humbled at God's amazing work and plan for my life.

and because posts without pictures aren't as is one of my Dad and I. He took me today because Nathan had to work. He even went back in the ultrasound room with me to take care of his little girl :)
My family has been so supportive and there for us through all the ups and downs of this roller coaster.  God Bless them and their gigantic hearts!


  1. What a fabulous picture! I'm so sorry for the up's and down's. I wish you weren't going through this. You are in my daily prayers and thoughts. Big hugs to you (and please give one to your Dad too!).

  2. Hi Vanessa,
    I'm glad to hear they didn't see anything today but your absolutely right, let's hear what the oncologist says. Celebrate today's goods news and enjoy your family. Thanks for the brackets. Myself, my daughter and both grand daughters are wearing them and sharing your journey. As always you are in our prayers